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Valeska Silva

Third Year

Latin American Studies and Economics, with a minor in Business Spanish

Familia Head: 
Vicky Stagnaro

I am ethnically Bolivian and Chilean, but I was born and raised in Northern Virginia.

Bristow, Virginia

Some of my hobbies are eating new foods, watching Foodnetwork, taking naps, listening to music around the world.

Favorite Food: 

My favorite food is basically any meal that has the rice as the staple, arroz con queso, fried rice, arroz con pollo, arroz con habichuelas I love rice,....and tostones, and avocado. I just love food in general.

Biography (Fun Fact): 

A fun fact about me is that I have a twin brother that goes to Northern Virginia Community College, and we both share our middle name, which is Lee. Kind of interesting but not that much.A better fact about me is that I have been trying to teach myself how to read Korean because growing up in Northern Virginia there was such a large population of Koreans, and I just want to understand the part of my home that has been a complete mystery for 19 years of my life. An unfortunate fact about me is that I have 5.5 size feet, so I sometimes end up buying shoes that are for little kids, lol please pray that I find shoes that are appropriate for my age!!!