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Serena Moncion

Serena Moncion
Fourth Year

Environmental Sciences, minor in Urban and Environmental Planning

Familia Head: 
Mona Bugaighis

Mexican/indigenous, Puerto Rican and Dominican. And 100% American!

Virginia Beach, VA

I am the Chair of the First Year and Admissions Committee for the Latinx Student Alliance, Head Academic Advisor for ULink, and I intern at OpenGrounds. I love meeting new people, and memes are my main vehicle of procrastination... In my free time I enjoy going to the grocery store and overzealously buying food, hiking, and adventuring around Charlottesville and Central VA (most often in pursuit of food).

Favorite Food: 

I have equal space in my heart for avocados, platanos, and peanut butter <3

Biography (Fun Fact): 

I'm an avid thrift shopper (not a hoarder) and my name is misspelled on my high school diploma...