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Rawda Fawaz

Rawda Fawaz
Third Year

Political and Social Thought

Familia Head: 
Natalie Romero

Half north Egyptian Arab, half south Egyptian Nubian but spent most of my childhood in a Colombian household. Gotta love that trilingual life <3

Queens, New York (where my Nas fans at?)

Ranting about institutional racism & classism, dismantling structures of white male power, sending memes, snatching eyebrows and edges alike, starting sentences with "I don't wanna be petty BUT...", falling in love with beautiful words and extended metaphors, spilling tea & chisme, DREAMers on Grounds, theatre/slam poetry, being roasted on a daily basis, UJC, Sustained Dialogue, not so occasional headassery, imploding the 1%, and planning the matriarchal revolution.

Favorite Food: 

Colombian: Arroz con Pollo, Egyptian: Mahshey

Biography (Fun Fact): 

In at attempt to become a quad-lingual I took a year of Japanese, but gave up when the kanji became too much. I still know the insults though...