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Nataly Escobar

Nataly Escobar
Third Year

I am a Nursing Major with additional interest in Spanish, French, and all things medical.

Familia Head: 
Vicky Stagnaro

100% Salvadorian (go team pupusas!)

I am originally from Leesburg, VA, but recently moved to Winchester, VA

In addition to PMP, I am part of the Latinx Student Alliance, the Indian Student Association, Nursing Students Without Borders, and Diversity in Nursing for a Better Community. This past year I was also on the Fuego dance team, a group here on grounds who spreads cultural awareness of different Latin dance styles (yes, yes, there's more to Latin dance than just Salsa and Bachata). This coming year I am planning on switching things up and will be joining Salsa Club instead, so if you love to dance, please join me and teach me some moves along the way! Or if you don't know how to dance, come learn with me! I will be working as a PCT at the UVA hospital this year, so I will probably have some gruesome but interesting stories to share if you are interested (of course, following the guidelines set forth by HIPPA hehe [not actually a joke]). Whenever I have some free time I love to play Frisbee, volleyball, watch movies, cook, listen to music, and volunteer.

Favorite Food: 

All food is good food... but oh man, if I had to choose something specific, I would probaly go with a nice carne asada with some arroz, pico de gallo, and guacamole.

Biography (Fun Fact): 

I've only ever been seriously injured once in my life. I was playing Frisbee and twisted my ankle so badly that I fractured my fibula. I did not go to the ER because I'm stubborn and thought it was only a bad sprain. Unfortunately, It happened the weekend before my Anatomy final. With the help of a few friends I still managed to make it to my final... I can only imagine how silly I looked with a swollen, shoe-less foot as my friend Billy wheeled me on a stolen classroom chair across the street from my chemistry class in McLeod to my anatomy final in Claude Moore. There's actually more to the story so feel free to ask me about it!