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Kathryn Cardenas

Kathryn Cardenas
Second Year

I am currently on the pre commerce track, but I am also considering majoring in economics and minoring in psychology. I thorougly enjoyed the economics classes I took last year and can not wait to explore the field further.

Familia Head: 
Natalie Romero

I am a Mexican American. Both sides of my family are Mexican although all of my extended family lives in Texas and I love visiting as much as possible!

Stafford, Virginia

I have played golf for the majority of my childhood and still love to play. I also love to cook and am very excited to finally be out of a dorm and have a kitchen of my own! I am also probably way too invested in UVA basketball. One of my favorite things to do at UVA has been to attend basketball games with my friends!

Favorite Food: 

I love bacon cheeseburgers and also wish I could eat at Roots everyday.

Biography (Fun Fact): 

I met Prince Charles last year and can sing along to practically any Drake song