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Hannah Shartel

Hannah Shartel
Second Year

I am planning on applying to the Curry School of Education to get my MT in elementary education and majoring in Youth and Social Innovation. I am also (hopefully) going to minor in Spanish. As for other subjects I love history and psychology/sociology. Honestly this could all change because I'm pretty indecisive, but this is the plan for now!

Familia Head: 
Mona Bugaighis

I am half Irish (dad) and half Mexican (mom)

Springfield, Virginia

I love eating food with people, playing with dogs, dancing, occasionally singing, playing volleyball, and hanging with friends! I try to go to the gym, but I also just like watching Netflix in bed.

Favorite Food: 

Pork dumplings (from Got Dumplings)...don't worry, you'll know

Biography (Fun Fact): 

I wear crocs all the time, but I promise I'm normal (mostly)