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George Villacis

George Villacis
Second Year

Commerce, Media Studies, Race & Ethnic Relations

Familia Head: 
Vicky Stagnaro

I am 100% ECUADORIAN!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!

Brooklyn, N.Y. (Jay-z is my dad... low-key)

I love staying active during my day! I usually workout or play sports (i.e. basketball) at least once a day along with keeping up with my studies. I also enjoying my job at the AFC, so needless to say I love being in the gym. Other than living in the gym, I am involved in LSA where I am the Advocacy Co-Chair. Here, I work with other students to host events and initiatives throughout the University to fight for the rights of Latinx students and the Latinx community at large. Besides all of this, I enjoy watching movies, hanging out with friends, and EATING!

Favorite Food: 

Love BURGERS... and coffee? (is coffee food? :o)

Biography (Fun Fact): 

I've jumped off a bridge... (in Ecuador)