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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the hearings?

Each group applying for funding is given face time with the Board.  Presentations expand on the information given on the application, focusing on how the event impacts the University community and how much it aligns with the mission of the CPB.  Hearings are a conversation for both sides to benefit from.

Why did I not receive a hearing?

Some applicants may not receive a hearing time because:
  1. The proposed event is too soon – all events must be at least 2 weeks away from the date of the proposed Wednesday hearing in order for us to see you ;
  2. The applicant did not have enough information or did not meet our goals;
  3. The proposed event would take place off Grounds and would not impact the larger UVA Community;
  4. The proposed event limits access through ticketing or invitation only/private event.

What are some Frequently Asked Questions by CPB Board Members during the hearing?

Here are some questions you can expect to be asked during your hearing. Please have answers for this questions prepared:
  • Are your prices estimates or quotes?
  • Did you “shop around for prices”?
  • What is the cost per head? (total price/expected guests)
  • Are the majority of attendees U.Va. students?
  • What do you need the money for, exactly?
  • Have you applied elsewhere?
  • How will you pay for event if we are unable to provide funding?
  • What are you learning objects or outcomes?
  • How will the event be set up?

When is the deadline to send in my application before each hearing?

All application materials must be sent in by 5:00 PM the Friday before each scheduled hearing date.

Who tends to get funding?

Our funding is limited, so we focus what we are able to give on projects that explicitly and actively promote collaboration, unity, attendance and influence across various groups on Grounds.  We encourage you to think creatively about ways to expand your event’s reach to engage a diverse community, fostering learning and innovation.

When will I hear from the CPB regarding their decision?

The CPB will respond to your designated representative within 3 business days of your hearing.

Is there anything the CPB cannot fund?

The CPB cannot provide funding for awards/prizes/gifts, alcohol or events with alcohol, revenue-generating events, and events that limit entrance or access.

How intimidating is this Cultural Programming Board?

Not intimidating at all! It is a group of six of your peers in the undergraduate years at UVA along with one faculty adviser who are passionate about supporting culture here at Mr. Jefferson’s University.

How important are good presentation skills for getting funding?

Going through a process that includes applying and presenting is an important learning experience.  While the board recognizes that the merit of an event is independent of how it is presented on paper and in person, we are interested in investing in your ability to convey said merit to the best of your ability.  For this reason, if the application or the presentation of an event are not of high quality, we delay a decision. We then offer to work with you, the applicant, to strengthen your argument before you present again.  This opportunity can add much value to your self-advocacy skills.